Wk 3 – Artist Discussion – Andrew Hansen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrew Hansen
Exhibition: Bar Scene
Media: Oil painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: Albabroski

About the Artist

The artist is Andrew Hansen whom is on his 4th year in CSULB. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and had chosen this path since entering Long Beach. Before he started doing oil paintings he had been making acrylic works. Besides attending classes he works at a bar which explains the idea behind his art work. He portrayed his daily observation as a bouncer and drew the scene of a woman surrounded by men. Approximately it took Andrew Hansen 4 months to finish his work which has no for sure title.

Formal Analysis

The art work was on a canvas and was painted using oil paint. In closer observation it is possible to see the strokes that were used and where each mark was left. The paint on the canvas itself wasn’t smooth as it was visible where there were bumps through out the image. The colors used definitely vary and fits a realistic view except for the main figure on the left. The man on the furthest left sticks out as a darker figure which is strange as everyone else is brighter and different colors. The art work does an amazing job portraying the scene at hand and is very clear to the fact that it is a bar.

Content Analysis

In the image the artist drew his point of view at a bar, which he works as a bouncer for. This can be seen as he is holding an I.D of presumably the man whom is immediately in front of him. In this image he is showing his daily encounter at work as he has to check I.D’s ,but he also leaves in the center of the image a woman surrounded by men. We can assume the men are flirting with the lady by their proximity and their posture leaning toward her. Upon asking Andrew Hansen what his art work was, he stated he wanted to draw what he would constantly see at his work. Beyond showing the views of the artists there is not too much more to try and read or pull from his work.

Synthesis / My Experience

In seeing this image I did not doubt what was occurring in the scene as it is not far fetched to imagine it. I have not personally seen such a thing at a bar as I have not been to one, but it is not uncommon in any social environment to find men attempting to flirt with women. I consider the work to be rather good as it clearly depicts the views of the artist and was my favorite work at the exhibit. I hope that if I were to take on drawing that I would be able to portray my idea clearly enough for others to understand such as this image does.




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