Wk 4 – Artist Discussion – May Ta

Exhibition Information

Artist: May Ta
Exhibition: The Windows
Media: Digital media, Ink jet printer
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: maypta

About the Artist

The artist is May Ta whom  is a senior at CSULB. She is currently going for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration and is on her last semester. She plans to go to Berkeley to continue on her classes for art. May Ta has used Photoshop for about a year now and had done sculpting in the past. She stated that in her work she wanted to connect the audience with her work but at the same time create a separation with the windows.

Formal Analysis

The artist used digital media to draw the work and printed out the result. As the work was printed the quality of the image was more precise in the details of the image. Each individual window had a small image but all together it made the one piece of work.

Content Analysis

The artist wanted to be ambiguous in her work so that the audience could think of a variety  of things through her work. She wanted to create a piece of work in which the audience could feel that they were looking into someone’s life yet still feel detached as only an observer. The small glimpses or peeks that she has depicted in each window tells a different story, of which you have little to no information on, and only allows you to speculate about what is occurring.

Synthesis / My Experience

At first when I inspected the work I was confused as to what the artists wanted to express through their work. I thought that the windows were all connected to an individual’s life and showed several small glimpses. After pondering on the idea for a moment I gave up on that as there was no certain order and not all pieces seemed to connect. Therefore, I took each piece as its own and assumed each window to show a different story. Not all of the windows depicted obvious scenes but some showed images of intimacy, possible abuse, discussion, and possibly mourning. Further thoughts led me to feel invasive as if I was truly looking into someone’s life in reality. When looking into someone’s window you are literally looking into their life without knowing them and that is how I felt due to this work.



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