Wk 5 – Artist Discussion -Katherine McRaven

Exhibition Information

Artist: Katherine McRaven
Exhibition: Untitled Triangulation #2
Media: Bronze Work
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: None

About the Artist

The artist is Katherine McRaven whom is a junior in the the Sculpting program. She plans to apply for the Bachelor of Fine Arts next semester. She enjoys photography and her work uses geometric forms. Katherine likes to do her work at night  and listens to David Bowie mainly while working on her pieces.

Formal Analysis

The artist cut out and shaped geometric figures using bronze to create her work. The pieces seemed to be finely made without any cracks or warps in the bronze. Each piece had a different color and pattern due to the process of melting bronze.

Content Analysis

The artist really enjoys geometric figures  which explains the reasoning of the shapes used in her work. The coloration was the result of the heating process affecting the bronze used. To add texture to the pieces the artist hammered them to slightly change the shapes. She added the hammer blows to add a uniqueness that would symbolize that it was her work.

Synthesis / My Experience

I found the work to be simplistic with its shapes but that does not represent the amount of work put into the piece. The bronze working was well done leaving the pieces of bronze having a glare as well as each one having their own coloration to add a uniqueness to each part. It may seem entirely random but there was a certain image the artist wanted to portray to the audience and that included all the geometric figures along with their positioning on the wall.



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