Wk 9 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

Sending an ACP is similar to a Snapchat in the sense that it shows small glimpses of  the sender’s life, just as a normal picture does. The difference would be the effort that the sender must’ve put in to send the package to the recipient as well as the exclusiveness to the recipient. Ephemera have special meanings to people as a memento to the owners and can have more sentimental value than anything else. Images that are personal will hold more value between those that share the connection than the public art works in museums shown to everyone. An ACP will show that the sender wanted to share something with the recipient and had premeditated the action while a snapchat can be short and random.

The pieces I put in my ACP include some images that were done in this class as a sort of example of what work I have done. I also included an invitation I received to have my first credit card to show a small glimpse of my growth in responsibilities. The card shows a cheat sheet I used for studying toward a math exam and represents my work as a student going to college. The silly Deadpool figure is to show my childish hobbies and likes that I still have as I grow. The recipient will be an older cousin of mine in Nebraska that has not seen me since I was a little kid.



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