Wk 10 – Art Experience – Fiber Art Social Network

  1. I think of social network as an extension that can help keep track of people that you do not speak to as much anymore.
  2. It does make sense to me as there is a limit to how much time you have to share with others and it can not be equivalent in all relations.
  3. Having that many “friends” is more along the line of showing how many acquaintances you have.
  4. Depending on how many close connections you have you will have exponentially more open opportunities through them and their connections.
  5. I would prefer to keep my personal number under 50 to make sure of the quality of relations.
  6. I do have more friends on social media than those I consider to be my friends but I do not keep up with most of them on social media. I have not had any notable advantage through these connections.


In making the social network graph it helped me realize the people I can go to in the event I need help or if I’m in search of coming into contact with someone. For the same reason I had made an account on a website called LinkedIn for professional connections only that may help with career opportunities. The difficulty of this was that I do not use social media so it is definitely harder to imagine what my outer group of contacts is but everyone I do care for I make sure to have their numbers.


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